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John Patrick's
Free Gambling Advice

In every one of my 15 books and in each of the 23 Videos that I made, I touched on this very important part of gambling. So why not put in a message to those of you smart enough to read this entire TIP and devour the contents. The message is aimed at every single so and so who has the audacity to put their money at risk, with the idea that gambling is gonna change their way of life.

I know why people gamble and you'll probably see your reason in the few I've mentioned below:
a) For Money
b) For Excitement
c) For Entertainment
d) For An Outlet
e) To avoid staring at 4 walls (Senior Citizens)
f) The Thrill of the Action
g) To change your boring lifestyle

Yeah, you can probably find yourself in a couple of those mentioned. I am guilty of (a), (b), (f) and I admit it. Mostly I gamble for money and maybe you do too. Maybe you need the money to pay bills or get you that certain something that you think gambling and winning will reward your efforts with.

But do you realize how rough it is to win at gambling? Do you really think you got a good shot at constantly bringing that casino or bookie to their knees? I've been gambling since there were 13 stripes on the flag and in the beginning I pictured myself moving into homes bigger than I could even imagine. When I lost, I thought that the tables were rigged, that I just had a bad day, but mostly that God hated me and wanted me to lose.

I was wrong on all counts.........I was losing because I was a dork. I'd get ahead and give the profits back. Then on days when I was at a cold table I'd increase my bets figuring I was due to win (because I was so smart). Bottom line was that I'd bet down to my last dime, in an attempt to win back what I blew in the first place.

I had no clue about the Reality of gambling, about the fact that no matter how much you knew about the game, your chances of winning was never better than 50-50. I never set a Win Goal, never dreamed of setting a Loss Limit and never considered setting aside a profit on the days I did magage to get ahead.

Maybe you don't do that today. Well if you don't, you'll go into the same tank I did. until you realize the importance of two things:

Yeah, yeah I know, you take an amount of money you can affort to lose (example $300 ) and when you lose that amount, you leave the casino......that is your Loss Limit. First of all, I haven't met many people (maybe one in my lifetime) that could AFFORD to lose money. So that puts the beginning of your stupid assumption to rest. The other part...............if you ain't won diddedly with the first $200 or $250 of your stake, what makes you think that last couple of chips is gonna suddenly turn around, re coup your losses and put a profit in your jeans?

They build stalls for donkeys and people with that type thinking belong in them.

What prompted me to address this situation again? Glad you asked. Several months ago, I entered into a banter on the newsgroups with several "geniuses", who know as mush about gambling as the chair I'm sitting on. Their only explanation of gambling has to do with approaching it from a mathematical standpoint. They think Money Management is akin to bringing your calcultor to the shopping market and Discipline has to do with potty training.

Several of them were very gracious but a couple of them displayed the intelligence of the babboons that were born during the past month. One of them suggested that everyone should go to, where my books are sold and write an opinion of my stupidity in gambling. Some did.

That part doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that maybe one of two people will see their ramblings and not grasp what I am trying to convey about the REALITY of gambling. That you have only a 50 - 50 chance of winning.............even if you are the greatest player in the world.

Ahem!!!!!!! I am the best player in the casino..............
The absolute BEST player . Why???
Glad you asked. Because I have the 4 ingredients you need to play..............

Checkmark BANKROLL...........
Checkmark KNOWLEDGE OF (every) THE GAME.........
Checkmark MONEY MANAGEMENT...........
Checkmark DISCIPLINE.............that makes me a perfect player

If you have all of the above, you, too are a perfect player. So if in fact we have all of these things, what are our chances of winning????

The answer is 50-50, my friends, 50-50. If you lack even one of these things, you're chances of winning drops drastically.

So hang on every one of my suggestions, because they are designed to cut your losses and get you to accept these small returns that I beg you to grab.

If you don't??'ll never be a consistent winner in gambling..........and that's the REALITY of gambling.............JOHN PATRICK

JOHN PATRICK is a professional gambler who has written numerous books on all phases of gambling. Being in the casinos daily for over 30 years, Patricks emphasis on Money Management have made him the country's foremost authority on gambling. His writing style and guest appearances on thousands of TV and Radio programs have propelled his books into best sellers in the gambling books category. Patrick brings his years of experience at the games to the pages of his books and shows the readers the potential damage to their Bankrolls, if they do not heed the Discipline advice that he offers.

John Patrick's Money Management and Discipline:
How to Maximize Your Gambling Profits

Reviewer:   When I opened this book, I couldn't put it down. Patrick's analysis of casino money management was excellent. He offers many constructive suggestions on how to save yourself money at the various games. I then read it a second time. Although I'm sure the author has many critics of his strategies, his philosophy is sound - keep as much profit as possible when things are going good and bail out when things are heading south. I believe this book would be an excellent addition to any casino visitor's library. There are very few titles out there dealing with just money management alone. Combined with a few good strategy books, the player would have an excellent chance of coming out ahead.

Click Here..   Our Price: $11.87

John Patrick's Internet Gambling : The Complete Guide to Playing and Winning

Click Here..   List Price: $12.95 Our Price: $10.36 You Save: $2.59 (20%)

John Patrick's Blackjack : 'So You Wanna Be a Gambler'

This Blackjack book is a basic look at the most popular game in the casino. Currently in its 11th printing, the Money Management and Disciplines principles, outlined in detail, give the average player an excellent chance to compete sensibly at this table game. Ith book covers Basic Strategy, betting procedures, and how to properly conduct yourself at the table.

Click Here..   List Price: $15.95 Our Price: $11.17 You Save: $4.78 (30%)

John Patrick's Advanced Blackjack
Offers advanced blackjack players advice on strategy and money management, and explains the technique of card counting

Click Here..   List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $13.97 You Save: $5.98 (30%)

So You Wanna Be a Gambler: Card Counting
Card Counting or Advance Blackjack is a method of play that allows Blackjack players the ability to improve their game by a process called Card Counting. this book simplifies the method, by giving the reader an intelligent and logical way to find the inbalance of large cards to small cards, without driving the player loony, retaining a vast number of unimportant items. Card Counting is easy to apply and then the book goes into the proper way to handle this new found knowledge with a powerful method of Money Management.

Click Here..   Our Price: $19.95

John Patrick's Slots
Reviewer: John Patrick is a Scream!   Now that I've commented on his outrageous writing style, let me say that his money management rules are solid gold. From the breaking of play into sessions through "Naked Pulls" to win goals and loss limits, Patrick's advise is right on the money. My only criticism is that following his system to the letter tends to take the fun out of slots-it's too complicated, too much to remember while playing. But there is much that we can learn from Patrick's book. It's one of the best out there for slot gamblers.

Click Here..   List Price: $12.95 Our Price: $10.36 You Save: $2.59 (20%)

John Patrick's Video Poker : The Complete Guide to Playing and Winning

Click Here..   List Price: $14.95 Our Price: $10.47 You Save: $4.48 (30%)

John Patrick's Casino Poker : A Professional Gambler's Guide to Winning
Casino Poker is a book for anyone who has enjoyed a friendly game at home, yet wishes to test his skill against varied opponents. In casino poker the odds are the same as in poker played at home; the only difference is the house cut, which ranges from 5 percent of a pot to a fixed maximum. Skill, skill, skill, discipline, and money management will make you a consistent winner. This book will mentor you on all these points and more. Truly, one of John's best.

Click Here..   Our Price: $17.95

John Patrick's Roulette : A Pro's Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel
Reviewer:   Patrick's book has helped me in a major way to quit throwing money around the layout, and play in a controlled manner that's still fun -- because I've won 7 of 9 casino visits since! I don't break the bank -- but I don't lose my usual $300-$400 anymore either. This book is far superior to Scoblete's, offering actual inside numbers to play in order to spread numbers around the wheel, excellent suggestions on outside bets, pros and cons of betting systems, regression bets, money management, discipline

Click Here..   Our Price: $16.95

John Patrick's Baccarat : How to Play and Win at the Table With the Fastest Action and the Highest Stakes
Baccarat is the easiest game in the casino to learn how to play and the one that offers the best chance to get streaks. Baccarat, as you will find out, is the simplest game in the casino to absorb. It takes absolutely no intelligence to grasp the method of play. It is not strictly for the high roller. The dealers do not look down their noses at you if you bet $5 a hand. What I zero in this book is Money Management and methods of betting. It is the key to your playing this very attractive game.

Click Here..   List Price: $18.95 Our Price: $13.27 You Save: $5.68 (30%

So You Wanna Be a Gambler : Baccarat
Baccarat is by far the easiest game to play in the casinos, yet most people are intimidated by the aura of the game. I will break the rules down to where a 7 year old can understand them and then show you ways to bet and manage your money that will make this a game that you will want to play. The main part of the book is zeroed in on the process of cutting losses and picking up consistent winning Sessions.

Click Here..   Our Price: $14.95

Craps for the Clueless : A Beginner's Guide to Playing and Winning
Explaining in simple, understandable language the techniques of craps and various wagers permitted, this book instructs new players on how to interpret the posted rates. John Patrick, an authority on professional gambling, takes readers through every possible wager, whether betting with or against the dice. Charts & diagrams. Explaining in simple, understandable language the techniques of craps and various wagers permitted, this book instructs new players on how to interpret the posted rates. John Patrick, an authority on professional gambling, takes readers through every possible wager, whether betting with or against the dice. Charts & diagrams.

Click Here..   List Price: $12.00 Our Price: $9.60 You Save: $2.40 (20%)

John Patrick's Craps: 'So You Wanna Be a Gambler'
This book is the first of two steps in learning money management. The book super craps completes the course started by John Patrick on money management, which is what gambling is. Managing your money when in the casino.

Click Here..   List Price: $18.95 Our Price: $13.27 You Save: $5.68 (30%)

So You Wanna Be a Gambler Craps
This is a basic book on the game of craps, explaining the entire method of play, covering Pass Line and Don't Pass line and the entire lay out used in the casinos. The main part of the book concentrates on Money Management and Discipline, showing the reader how to gain a sensible edge at the tables. Emphasis is placed on managing your money and playing intelligently.

Click Here..   Our Price: $19.95

So You Wanna Be A Gambler: Advanced Craps
The sequel to John Patrick's first craps book is unquestionably the most comprehensive craps treatment of the craps game ever published. It is written for the serious craps player who has the discipline to forego the big craps score and play craps for smaller, but consistent profits. Includes a variety of effective craps hedging techniques. 589 pages

Click Here..   Our Price: $29.95

How to Be Treated Like a High Roller : ...Even Though You're Not One $8.95
Reviewer:   Good information for the gambler, particularly the novice.
The book explains in overview fashion the process by which casinos decide who to give free gifts to (such as a free room or a free meal). It explains what the casino looks for, how it makes its evaluations, and how to take advantage of that process.

Click Here..  Our Price: $8.95

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