Tour the US Executive Branch

The first stop on our grand tour through the Executive Branch has to be the Whitehouse. From here, you can meet the First Family, take an interactive tour of the Whitehouse, the Old Executive Office Building, or see the First Ladies' Garden of the White House. You can also see major electronic texts of Daily Press Releases, Topical Releases, Major Documents (such as speeches by the President), and National Documents (ie NAFTA & the Declaration of Independance). If you haven't heard the President or Vice President's voice in quite some time, you can also here a welcome message from both of them.

Continuing through the Executive Branch is the President's cabinet made up of 14 different departments
covering all facets of American life. (In the interest of clarity, there will only be a list with brief comments)

Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
US Bureau of the Census
US Patent and Trademark Office
National Institute of Standards
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
DefenseLINK - Department of Defense
The Army
The Navy - Navy Public Affairs Library
The Air Force
The Marine Corps
US Department of Education
US Department of Energy
US Department of Health and Human Services
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
US Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
US Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
US Department of State
US Department of the Interior
Mining Safety & Health Research
US Geological Survey
US Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
US Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
US Department of Veterans Affairs

Coming near the end of our grand tour, we stop of at the Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions.
Once again, it is too long to write so we will present a listing only.

Central Intelligence Agency
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Trade Commission
General Services Administration
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
National Archives and Records Administration
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Public Radio
National Security Agency
National Technology Transfer Center
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Securities and Exchange Commission
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institute
Social Security Administration
US Agency for International Development
US Informational Agency
US International Trade Commission
US Postal Service
Voice of America

To find more on the President:
Search Webcrawler or Lycos.
Look through Yahoo

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