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The Judicial Branch of government is third and final branch of government. It's responsibility, through the United States' system of checks-and-balances, is to keep an eye on and to punish those who have committed federal crimes. Through the Federal Court's Home Page, you can view their hypertext document, Understanding the Federal Courts (PDF -- requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). This document will give you an overview of how the federal courts system works. It is divided into subjects which explain the Third Branch of Government, The Courts themselves, the Administration of the U.S. Courts, and a directory of the U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. District Courts, and a Glossary of Terms. Also through the Federal Court Home Page, you can read selected articles from the The Third Branch, the monthly newsletter of the federal courts.

The Federal Judicial Center is the federal courts' agency for research and continuing education. They offer publications regarding Guideline Sentencing, Voluntary Arbitration, Electronic Media Coverage of Federal Proceedings,a Manual for Complex Litigation, and more. You can also look up the telephone numbers of the employees.

One of the best sites for Judicial information is the The Legal Information Institue. Through the Cornell Law School's site, you can view recent Supreme Court decisions, a hypertext version of the the full U.S. Code. Along with this information, LEI also has legal information from all over the world and other law information.
By looking at the U.S. Federal Courts Finder, you will be able to determine which district you reside in. From there, you will be transported to the Web page for the U.S. Court of Appeals for that circuit. Here are the circuits on the web at this time:
Federal Circuit
DC Circuit
First Circuit
Second Circuit
Third Circuit
Fourth Circuit
Fifth Circuit
Sixth Circuit
Seventh Circuit
Eight Circuit
Ninth Circuit
Tenth Circuit
Eleventh Circuit
From there, you will be able to view opinions and decisions of the individual circuits.

To find out more about the Judicial Branch:
Search Webcrawler or Lycos with key word Judicial Branch.

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