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Our first stop on our tour through the Legislative Branch will have to be the two houses that make up Congress. The House of Representatives WWW homepage present the same information, but obviously one looks better than the other. From the House WWW page, you can check on the current legislative activity through The Legislative Process. If the bill you were looking at is coming up for a vote, find out when through the day's Schedule. Also available through the House web page are the full text documents of the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution of the United States with Forward, Historical Notes.
The second of the houses is the Senate homepage. Through the Senate Web site, you can view the directories of Senators, their email addresses, and the Senate positions they hold. For those curious about how the Senate works through all of the bills, you can learn about the Senate Committee System and their names. For the history buffs, you can learn about the History of the Senate and the Senate's Legislative Process which differs from the House's.

House of Representatives
House of Representatives Democratic Leadership - provide informations on House Democratic policy and Democratic agenda.

The Legislative Branch consists of very few agencies, but they are very large. The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of Congress. Charged with examing matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds, GAO preforms audits and evaluations of Government programs and activities.

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) prints, binds, and distributes the printed and electronically disseminated publications of the Congress as well as the executive and establishments of the Federal Government. Through the Superintendent of Documents' HomePage, you can Search the full text of the Federal Register, Congressional Record, Congressional Bills, and other information. You can also find out what's available for free public use in federal depository libraries and information for sale.

The Library of Congress has an extensive amount of information online including Exhibits and Events, Digital Library Collections, LOCIS (Library of Congress Information System), and Congress and Government info. The U.S. Copyright Office is a division of the Library of Congress and provides information on Copyright Basics, Copyright Registration, as well as a searchable database of Copyright Office Announcements. If you are interested in Copyright Law, you can view the U.S. Copyright Law or visit links regarding Copyright Law and Fair Use and Libraries and Copyright/Intellectual Property Related Organizations.

Thomas, named in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, provides full text of legislation of all versions of House and Senate bills from the 103rd and 104th Congress. It also provides a full text of the Congressional Record for the House and Senate. To see the major bills receiving floor action in the 104th Congress, there are links to Hot Legislation in its various stages. The Constitution of the United States is available here in a searchable format with easy access to the Bill of Rights and the Other Amendments to the Constitution. How Our Laws are Made is online in a nicer to view format, by sections or chapters.

There are several organizations that provide information on the Congress as well as other government organizations. Congress.Org is an unauthorized guide to Congress. It provides information on the House and Senate members as well as The Library of Congress, THOMAS, and Will T. Bill. C-SPAN offers information on its various links to the government including programming schedules, Program Events, and the C-SPAN School Bus. The Voter Education Project's goal is to provide online access to voter education information at library sites.

To find out more about the Legislative Branch:
Search Webcrawler or Lycos with keyword Congress, House, or Senate.
Look through the Library of Congresses listings on Legislative Branch

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