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Virtual Tours of Museums, Exhibits and
Points of Special Interest

These Sites present over 300 Museums, Exhibits, Points of Special Interest and Real-Time journeys which offer online multimedia guided tours on the Web. Most of the following offer text and pictures, others in addition transmit sound and an occasional movie.

The Virtual Tours of Museums and Exhibits never closes. Visit our Online Tours anytime, and stay as long as you like.

Just click on the following sites to get you there.


Tour Points of Special Interest

Pyramids Volcano

Albert Einstein's Image and Impact Exhibit

Tour the Amish in Pennsylvania

Historic Annapolis The Virtual Tour

African naming ceremony in US

Chico Mendes and the Amazon Rainforest Tour

Tour the Arctic Circle

Tour Arctic Dawn in the Western Canadian Arctic

Virtual Bayou Swamp Tour

Tour Beijing's Forbidden City

Virtual Tour to Belize

Borders with Mexico

View The Bridges of Portland, Oregon

Tour the British Columbia Wilderness

Virtual Tours of the California Mojave Desert

Tour Of The Virtual Cameron Balloons Factory

Take Virtual Campus Tours of U.S. Colleges & Universities!

Virtual Tour of Canada's Artic

A Virtual Tour of Cape Cod

Take a Virtual Tour Along the Cascade Mountains in Oregon

Take a Virtual Tour of Chicago's Landmarks

Virtual Tour Of China's Most Famous Scenic Attractions

Take A Walking Tour Through China's Farmer's Markets

Virtual Tour Of The CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

Tour The Christian Catacombs in Rome

Tour a Crayola Factory

Cross Country RV Adventure Tour

Domestic Violence Shelter Tour

Eclectic Mississippi Photo Tour

Elvis Graceland Tour

Tour Egyptian Galleries Containing Paintings and Photographs

Guided Tour of Fermi National Accelerator

Flyfishing Tour on the Frying Pan River, CO

The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory

Virtual Golf Tours

Image Tour of the Grand Canyon

Tour Greece with a Backpack

Travels Through Greece & Turkey

Tour Grimsby, Ontario Canada Located In the Niagara Falls Region

Virtual Hawaiian lu'au

Tour the Himalayas

International Boxing Hall of Fame Virtual Tour

Tour At Home in the Heartland Online (USA)

Online Exploration of the Heart

The International Boxing Hall of Fame Tour

A Virtual Tour of Ireland

Hotwired Hypertour: Tour Los Angeles to New York City

Virtual Tour of Jerusalem

Marek Kamiński's one-man expedition to the South Pole

Tour the Mount Wilson Observatory - A Virtual Walking Tour

Take a Video Tour for the National Museum of Women in the Arts

New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide

Tour New England Through a Photographer's Lens

Take a Virtual Tour of New York's Central Park

Tour the Nine Planets of the Solar System

A Tour of No. 10 Downing Street, UK

A Virtual Journey Down the Merrimack River From Franklin, NH to The Alantic Ocean

Northwest Jitters: Tour Seattle to Montana's Oxen Statue

The Ozone Hole Tour

Tour the Peel Medieval Castle and Cathedral, Isle of Man

Interactive Plant Tours on the Internet

Peaceful Portraits of Earth

Tour the Rocky Mountain National Park

Take a Walk in the Rainforest -- A Self-guided Tour

Take a Virtual Safari Through Several of Africa's National Parks

Tour the Indigenous Sami people

Navigable Image Database of San Francisco

Tour the Selkirk Lighthouse Picture Gallery, Lake Ontario

A Moment in Time Artists Tour of York County South Carolina

Statue of Liberty Photo Tour

Virtual Tour of the U.S. Supreme Court Building

Symphony 0f Speed: Tour New York City to San Francisco

Virtual Tour of Sydney's (Australia) Northern Beaches

A Multimedia Tour of the Sun!

A Time Travel into History

Guided Tour to Timothy Leary's Home

A Virtual Tour of Tinseltown's Secret Sites

Tour of Torrione Castle, Italy

Tour The Underwater Caves of El Jacinto, Mexico

Tour the US States

How to Make A Virtual Visit and Virtual Visit Web Pages

Virtual Journey into the Universe

Tour Washington DC

Tour Scenic Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe, Africa


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