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Virtual Reference Sites offers Over 2,500 of the most popular information reference sites and tools on the Web.  Located within 90 easy to use categories and they're free

The Sites listed on the left column contain over 2,500 of the most popular information reference locations and tools on the Web. The sites includes Maps, Calculators, Sports, Travel, Health, Jobs, Weather, Music, Autos, plus... many more helpful tools to assist you.

Letter N Letter E Letter W Letter S Letter P Letter A Letter P Letter E Letter R Letter S

  • Africa News on the World Wide Web
    The one-stop source for up-to-date information on all of Africa, with reports from Africa's leading newspapers, magazines and news agencies.

  • AlertNet
    New site provides a combination of news stories from Reuters and news from international relief agencies to provide accurate, speedy and impartial coverage of disasters worldwide.

  • Associated Press -- Recent Wire Stories
    Updated reports every 30 minutes

  • Boulevards
    An index of alternative newsweeklies and World Wide Web sites emphasizing travel, arts, entertainment, contemporary culture and politics.

  • Canada.com - News From Across Canada

  • CBC's The National Online
    Last Night's News Transcript of The National, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • CBC Newsworld Online - News: Canadian Stories
    CBC Television headline news, updated throughout the day

  • Christian Science Monitor Online
    An international daily newspaper which does not rely on wire services. It has offices throughout the world. Available as well is a free, searchable archive of the newspaper's content back to 1980. Equally newsworthly is Monitor Radio available 24 hours.

  • CNN Interactive
    CNN on-line site bringing full news, weather, sports and features coverage to the Web.

  • Daily Newspapers on the Web
    They currently list 625 USA Dailies on the Internet.

  • Discovery Online

  • Drudge Report
    Wake up with a collection of well-heeled Web feeds, including the Associated Press, Fox News, Reuters, financial and political wires, and links to major American newspapers. Online columns by news celebrities such as Robert Novak, Mary McGrory, and Roger Ebert, along with mainstream and entertainment magazines.

  • EduPage
    This site is the online equivalent of the Reader's Digest for technology news. It's put out by a university consortium, and you can get newsbits on business, legal and product developments. You can get EduPage via e-mail; the Web site includes archives of past issues.

  • The Entrepreneur's Mind
    The EM is a web resource that presents an array of real-life stories and advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts on the many different facets of entrepreneurship and emerging business.

  • Environmental News Network (ENN)
    Daily News plus a weekly magazine, calendar and gallery

  • Eurasia Research Center
    The Eurasia Research Center Web Site features in depth research reports, news analysis, and links to newspaper articles and wire service reports with breaking news on the Balkans, Baltic States, Central Europe, the Caucasus, formerly Soviet Central Asia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Federal News Service
    Federal News Service allows you, to read the actual words spoken by national leaders on matters of official U.S. Government policy and other issues of the day, the same day! FNS coverage includes the White House, Executive and Legislative Branches, the United Nations and many others. Searches and headline retrievals are free.

  • The Financial Times
    Follow the world's business, economic and political news. Put today's developments into context. Track closing prices for shares and managed funds. Keep up with the latest trends, from personal finance to global investment.

  • FOX News
    24 hour updated news and information, with searchable archive.

    Globe and Mail (Toronto--"Canada's National Newspaper")

  • Gulf Daily News, Bahrain
    Bahrain's national English - language newspaper has recently launched its Website. Users can tap into extensive Bahrain and intenational news coverage, vital business information, sport, special features on people, personalities and events, taking place in Bahrain.

  • Integrated Newswire: Information Technology
    Integrated Newswire collects links to articles from the best information sources on the Web.

  • Internet It Informer
    Your daily news resource for Internet, Intranet, and World Wide Web developments.

  • Inside China Today
    Inside China Today is a very useful information source covering daily news, business, travel, culture (and much more.)

  • Inside Scoops
    On the Web, anyone can try their hand at being a journalist. Get the inside scoop on the latest happenings in the news-gathering business at the redesigned reporter.org site.

  • The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition
    Israel's quality English-language daily newspaper, providing detailed news, features and business coverage on events in Israel, the Middle East, and the peace process with the Palestinians.

  • The Moscow Times
    Daily news coverage of Moscow, Russia and the world.

  • Nando World News
    One of the best sources for news on the Web

  • Newshub
    Summary of today's newest news, updated every 15 minutes, every day! It is the way to stay informed about important topics because news stories are current, and reported by the most respected sources in the world.

  • News in the Future
    The News in the Future research consortium provides a forum for the MIT Media Laboratory and member companies to explore and exploit technologies that will affect the collection and dissemination of news.

  • N-Net - The Newspaper Network on the Web
    If you've been looking for an online directory which lists ONLY the names, addresses, and phone numbers of virtually every newspaper around the country - you'll find this one suits your needs. With thousands of listings from Alabama to Wyoming, N-Net is text-based, quick-loading, and a terrific reference for countless audiences.

  • Newsletter Directory
    Online Newsletter Directory - 5,000 newsletters and growing - to find expert information.

  • NewsHub
    Consider NewsHub your command center for industry and technical news. Updated every 15 minutes, the site clearly categorizes the latest news stories from over a dozen major sources -- from TechWire and Media Daily to Wired and News.com.

  • NewsLink
    Links to over 3000, OnLine Newspapers, magazines, newsletter and broadcast stations and other media resources.

  • The Newsroom
    The Newsroom gathers the top stories from online papers and news services and updates are added frequently.

  • News of the Weird
    Culled from the Nations Newspapers

  • NewsWords
    NewsWords offers a live search of headlines from print and online publications from around the world.

  • New York Daily News Online
    The mother of tabloids comes online. With all the New York news you could ever want.

  • New York Post Web Edition
    Offers daily news, business, editorial, sports, entertainment, and of course, 'gossip' columns. Still celebrating the NY Yankee's Championship parade.

  • The New York Times
    All the news that's fit to download is here--virtually everything in the paper and then some. There's an excellent keyword search tool that lets you combine terms and search by date or reverse date.

  • The OneWorld News Service
    A content-rich multimedia daily news service which offers complete news features

  • O.J. Simpson civil trial transcripts
    Receive daily-delivered Email copies of the Transcripts from the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial.

  • PC Mike Newsletter and Website
    Miek Wendland offers daily commentary, news and updates on computer and Internet stories... as well as a free mailing list aimed at solving tech problems and sharing computer/Net info.

  • Peace News
    An international publication aiming to support and connect nonviolent and anti-militarist movements around the world.

  • Planetwords.com
    Planetwords.com searchs the entire content of online and print publication articles from around the world.

  • Point Cast Network
    Point Cast Network is a free service to users that broadcast personalized news and information directly to your computer screen.

  • Positive Press
    Positive Press, was founded to counteract the tendency of the mainstream media to focus on the negative. Sponsored by The Athens Institute, the motto at Positive Press is "Good News Every Day" and that is exactly what you'll get here, culled from various online news sources.

  • PRESSline Datenbank
    More Than 20,000 Press Releases at your Finger Tips furnished in English, German and French languages. Browsable sections include Manufacturing, CD-ROM/Multimedia, Computer/Perihperals, Internet, Medicine and Books.

  • reporter.org
    Houses comprehensive resources for journalists, journalism educators, and the public at large. Some of which include a searchable database of 10,000+ investigative stories as well as an impressive collection of professional forums and associations.

  • Reuters Media World
    Registration at the site is free and gives users access to news reports, comprehensive data on geographical markets, how-to information on making buys and evaluating media, listings of current media sources and their offerings, listings of industry shows, meetings and associations and more.

  • Russian Story - Russian Periodicals Online
    Instant access to current copies of famous Russian newspapers in their original form, including all photos, charts, cartoons and even crosswords.

  • Top News Stories From Around The Web
    NewsLinx is targeted to bring you all the Headlines, Business, Sports and Variety news you want, as fast as you can possibly get it from every corner of the Web.

  • Toronto Star (Canada's largest daily)

  • TotalNEWS
    TotalNEWS all the News, on the Net, all the Time. A unique way of linking to various News media sites throughtout the Net, TotalNEWS lets you browse without ever losing your place.

  • The Ultimate Collection of News Links
    Browse through more than 3,700 links to newspapers around the world. The directory is organized geographically, first by continent and then by country and state/province.

  • USA Today

  • United Nations News
    UN news -- Coverage of daily events and highlights, plus press releases and news briefings.

  • Vanderbilt Television News Archive
    Since August 5th. 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts. This database is the guide to the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news progams.

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