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     Virtual Sites...your Web Surfer's Guide to Casinos, Free Stuff Cams Search Engines and a Shopping Mall!
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Virtual Search Engines

Virtual Search Engines contain Over 1,000 of the most popular engines - for searching the World Wide Web, Reference, Directories, Software, Addresses, Sports, Shopping plus hundreds of subject areas.

Over 1,000 fully specialized search engines within 50 categories
are waiting to assist you, no matter what you're looking for.

Virtual Intelligent Agent Search Engines

Virtual Search Alexa
Having trouble deciding where to go next in your search for information on the Web? Alexa is a free service to users of the World Wide Web that helps you surf smarter, faster, and easier.

Virtual Search Ask Jeeves search engine
Jeeves is a search engine where you ask the question and it hooks you up with the links. It is more specific and does not give the broad links that you will find in other search engines.

Virtual Search Engine BotSpot
The Spot for all Bots on the Net including 13 searchable bot classification databases, FAQs, Libraries, Articles, Newsletters, Conferences, Previous Conferences Proceedings, New Bots, Add a Bot, NewsBots, CommerceBots, SearchBots and more. Visit the BotSpot of the Week awarded by Team BotSpot.

Virtual Search eXTReMe Search Companion
Search through 120 Search Engines with Integrated Search Options. Requires Netscape or MSIE 3.x or better with JavaScript ON

Virtual Search Engine NetAttache Pro 32-bit (1.2mb)
NetAttaché Searches, Filters and Delivers. It can be set to run on demand or on a specific schedule, filter the data, retrieve all or a portion of a Web site for later off-line perusal, automate searches of Web search engines, archive Web data, and is a smart agent, capable of searching for pages which match Boolean logic queries.

Virtual Search NewsMonger for Windows 97/NT (1.2 mb) Evaluation Demo
Automatically monitor 15,000+ newsgroups. NewsMonger a new Internet news agent finds the handful of articles, out of the 200,000 posted each day, that you need to see. Focus in on a single newsgroup or monitor all 15,000+ groups.

Virtual Search News Rover -- Automated search agent for Usenet newsgroups.
Searches newsgroups, downloads messages, attached files, pictures and it can do this for you unattended. Available for Windows 95.

Virtual Search Engines Poke! The Research Assistant
Poke! is an all in one search assistant that uses JavaScript and frames. Poke also remembers your past queries in a search bookmarks list. Poke is an international tool that will feature many languages.

Virtual Search Resonance (The Newest Intelligent Reasoning Tool)
You send some concepts, reflecting a problem you are concerned, into information space, and it echoes back a series of information items resonant with your problem

Virtual Search Semio Discovery - A New Tool for Uncovering Knowledge
Discovery search answers open-ended questions by finding relationships among words in document text. A discovery search tool surfaces content hidden deep inside documents and displays it in an organized, navigable way.

Virtual Search Submit It!
Submit It! is a service that allows you to submit your information to over 400 search engines, indexes, and directories on the World Wide Web.

Virtual Search Teleport Pro 32-bit (1.6 mb)
Teleport Pro is a fully automated, multithreaded, link-following, file-retrieving webspider. It will retrieve all the files you want and only the files you want from any part of the Internet.

Virtual Search Engine WebSeeker 32-bit (2.5mb)
WebSeeker, a search engine unifier, combines the results of more than 20 of most popular Internet search engines -- including Yahoo!, Lycos, Excite, Alta Vista and WebCrawler -- to deliver one comprehensive report.

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