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     Virtual Sites...your Web Surfer's Guide to Casinos, Free Stuff Cams Search Engines and a Shopping Mall!
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Virtual Search Engines

Virtual Search Engines contain Over 1,000 of the most popular engines - for searching the World Wide Web, Reference, Directories, Software, Addresses, Sports, Shopping plus hundreds of subject areas.

Over 1,000 fully specialized search engines within 50 categories
are waiting to assist you, no matter what you're looking for.

General Search Engines

Virtual Search Aussieseek
Mother Matilda is the fastest growing Search Engine outside the Continental United States and a Gateway to Significant WWW Sites World Wide!

Virtual Search Engines Allthesites
Allthesites is an application of FAST Search and Transfer's FAST Search technology.

Virtual Search Engines
This fast and massive spider-search engine returns excellent content. Search Web documents or newsgroups by using keywords or phrases.

AltaVista Find this:   

Virtual Search Engines c|net's Search.Com
One-stop searching for Web pages and shareware!

Virtual Search Canada.com
Canada.com is anchored by a powerful search engine providing access to more than 110 million Internet and web documents, the largest search capacity of any Canadian online search engine.

Virtual Search Canada411 - Bilingual (English/French)
Search Canada's directory listings. With over 10 million entries including postal codes, you can locate both people and businesses within seconds.

Virtual Search Engines Eureka Search Engines
The place to find Gold on the Internet

Virtual Search Engines Search Excite
Search for Web documents, classified ads using keywords or concepts. Also searches the past two weeks of Usenet news, and has a site review section (w/50,000 reviews).

Virtual Search Engines EZSearches.com
Want access to free email, auctions, shopping bargains and more? Try EZSearches.com

Virtual Search Findspot
An Internet searching service that pulls together the Web, listservs, usenet directories

Virtual Search Engines Google searches more sites more quickly,
to bring you the most relevant results.

Virtual Search Engines
Find-It! lets you find what you're looking for.

Virtual Search Engines Linkcentre
The purpose of the Linkcentre is to provide you with an easy to use, comprehensive list of Web Pages that meet your search criteria.

Virtual Search Engines LinkMaster
Delivers a key word or phrase search tool. Visit forums and chat rooms.

Virtual Search Engines The Lycos huge database Indexes over 90% of the Web.

Virtual Search Engines Northern Light (One of the Largest Search Services)
Northern Lights proprietary technology works to bring you fast, accurate search results. They index every word of each Web page and every page of every Web site.

Virtual Search OneKey - The Smart Search Engine
Internet searches without broken links, empty promises, obscene language, sexual or violent content. News, information and fun from across the Web.

Virtual Search Search Bug
Links to major and specialized search engines including reference, business, finance and travel links and package tracking.

Virtual Search Engines Smarter Searches
Looking for a Web search engine with a daring Java-enabled twist?
Check out the new LookSmart.

Virtual Search Engines Spry Internet Wizard
If we Don't Find it, it Ain't There

Virtual Search Engines WebCrawler
is popular and fast engine returning relevant hits.


Find matches containing   All of these words  Any of these words

Virtual Search Engines Web Search
Simply search forms

Virtual Search Webtaxi
Webtaxi is a Free Service which operates as if it was an extension of your browser. Surfing from within the Webtaxi.com browser gives you one click access to databases and search engines when needed.

Virtual Search Engines What-U-Seek

Virtual Search WHOW Web Helpers On Wheels, Your Automated Directory
An alternative to the typical search engine! WHOW is a a different kind of Search Directory ... which takes you on tours.

logo Yahoo is one of the best known search sites on the Web. In addition to keyword searching, it offers a hierarchical subject guide that is well organized and cross-referenced.
Find all matches containing the keys (separated by space)

Search Yahoo! Usenet Email Addresses

Find matches that contain                             Consider keys to be
At least one of the keys (boolean or)           Substrings
All keys (boolean and)                                  Complete words

Virtual Search Yahoo Advanced Search
Yahoo has a new search engine! To use it, just point your browser to or click on the "Try Our New Search" link on Yahoo's main Web page.

Virtual Search Yahoo! Canada
Canadian version of Yahoo!, designed to 'bring the richness of Yahoo!
database from a uniquely Canadian perspective.'
* Canadian content available on all category pages
* Search page will produce only Canadian results
* Includes Canadian news headlines


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